August 2016 | Sales in Gral. Belgrano.

Our auction of Gral.Belgrano was a success. The whole estate was sold closed at prices that exceed the normal averages. We present almost 120 bulls and 130 Angus and Hereford females in a frame of numerous breeders from different parts of the country. Very agile offers and a great interest, with enthusiasm and joy, crowned […]

July 2016 | Great Awards in Palermo.

The swearing of males was a sum of joys and emotions. Great Male Champion and Champion 2 Years Older. Champion Calf Minor. Senior Calf Champion. Res. Junior Champ. In Hereford, adding the females we achieved: 1 Great Champion. 1 3rd Best Female. 6 Champions. 4 Reserved. 2 3rd. Better. Best Calf – Best Beef. With […]

May 2016 | Hereford Autumn Exhibition

INTA Balcarce: the 66th Autumn Exhibition displayed an excellent standard and had an outstanding performance. We returned home with: Grand Champion Female, Grand Champion Heifer Calf, Grand Champion Bull Calf, Grand Champion Heifer Calves Pen and best Heifer in Lots, Senior Bull Champion, Senior Heifer Champion and Reserve Cow-Calf Champion. For the first time a Grand Champion […]

April 2016 | Hereford World Congress.

Horacio La Valle was one of the delegates of Argentina at the World Hereford Conference held in Montevideo. An extraordinary conference, aimed to spread the successful performance and highly relevant results of national and international research for productive development and improving the competitiveness of the race worldwide, accompanied by major exhibition areas.

February 2016 | Ranches visited in Texas.

We had the opportunity to visit five Hereford Breeder establishments of different types and sizes in raising Hereford and were asked to classify cattle with breeders from 8 countries. Very good level of finance and intensive use of the latest technologies. An experience that highlighted the adaptability of the breed to different production ideas.

January 2016 | Miss South America.

We traveled to the United States for the Miss South America prize in the competition organized by The Cattle Market, based on the opinion of 5 International Judges and within the framework of the Exhibition of Fort Worth. The winner was Tranqueras X4850 Good Gitana T / E, which was Female Horned Champion in Palermo […]

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