May 2016 | Hereford Autumn Exhibition.

INTA Balcarce: the 66th Autumn Exhibition displayed an excellent standard and had an outstanding performance. We returned home with: Grand Champion Female, Grand Champion Heifer Calf, Grand Champion Bull Calf, Grand Champion Heifer Calves Pen and best Heifer in Lots, Senior Bull Champion, Senior Heifer Champion and Reserve Cow-Calf Champion. For the first time a Grand Champion Heifer Calf, competing with heifers and cows, manages to be Grand Champion Female. We did it with a Good & Plenty daughter on a Federal mother. A good work of the whole team!!

May 2016 | Progress in Angus.

Angus evolution at Las Tranqueras is very positive. It is a pleasure to see the production of 2015 and its future is most promising. Bulls 2016 for the auction are outstanding, fleshy, correct and with all their genetic evaluation data available.

April 2016 | Hereford World Congress.

Horacio La Valle was one of the delegates of Argentina at the World Hereford Conference held in Montevideo. An extraordinary conference, aimed to spread the successful performance and highly relevant results of national and international research for productive development and improving the competitiveness of the race worldwide, accompanied by major exhibition areas.

February 2016 | Ranches visited in Texas.

We had the opportunity to visit five Hereford Breeder establishments of different types and sizes in raising Hereford and were asked to classify cattle with breeders from 8 countries. Very good level of finance and intensive use of the latest technologies. An experience that highlighted the adaptability of the breed to different production ideas.

February 2016 | Presentation at TCU.

Texas Christian University invited us and other breeders from 8 countries to give a talk to those enrolled in the Ranch Management Program, one of the most prestigious in the United States. We addressed aspects related to programs and management of our Ranch.

January 2016 | Exhibition in Texas.

Important Hereford exhibition at the Fort Worth Show in Texas. Very good cattle standard and great enthusiasm for high priced cattle. At the same time, a show and auction of Hereford commercial Heifers with prices between U$S 2,500 and 3,000.

January 2016 | Miss South America.

We traveled to the United States for the Miss South America prize in the competition organized by The Cattle Market, based on the opinion of 5 International Judges and within the framework of the Exhibition of Fort Worth. The winner was Tranqueras X4850 Good Gitana T / E, which was Female Horned Champion in Palermo 2015 Show.

December 2015 | Jury and talks in Rio Grande and Calafate.

We were honored with the invitation to judge in Rio Grande Exhibition - Tierra del Fuego - and Calafate. Very good cattle, raised under extreme conditions. Convened by the Rural Societies and the INTA we delivered two talks to breeders in the area.

December 2015 | National Spring Show.

On December 1 we will attend the Elite Sale at Palermo, where we will present an outstanding heifer, daughter of Harvestor on the mother of Brutal, the red bull of the day.

September 2015 | National Spring Show.

In the city of Tandil from September 29 to October 2 it was held the 28th Exhibition of the Race. We got seven first prizes, Grand Champion Male, Grand Champion Calf (Photo: Toto Rey), Grand Champion Female Calf, Res. Grand Champion Female and 6 Champions.

August 2015 | Sale in Gral. Belgrano.

Despite an intense flood, the auction at Gral.Belgrano Sale was a success. With a large number of buyers all lots of both breeds were sold, with most remarkable averages for all categories. The maximum price was for the 50% of a Hereford heifer calf from our show young females sold for $ 262,000, one of the highest values of the year in the various breeds.

July 2015 | Palermo Show. Great Results.

An impressive Palermo Show. We obtained the Grand Champion Female Polled Hereford , 5 Division Champions: Cow, Junior, Senior and Intermediate Heifer and Senior Bull Calf, 5 Reserve Division Champions: Intermediate Heifer, Senior Heifer Calf, Junior 2-Year Bull and Senior 2-Year Bull and Hereford Female Champion, Best Exhibitor of Palermo, awards on three best males and females and the highest price for a female in the auction. In Angus one of the three best prices of the Sale, with a full brother of the Grand Champion Female.

August 2014 | Sale in Gral. Belgrano.

In our classic Annual Sale, one more time we were very well surrounded by a large number of breeders from different parts of our country and from Uruguay.  Very significant prices and high averages showed an important interest in our Hereford and Angus bulls and females. We got the historical highest price for a S/ Hereford bull sold in $85.000,- to CIALE Insemination Center who also bought a son of “Festejado” in the highest Purebred Polled Hereford price.

July 2014 | Palermo Show. Another Outstanding Year!

Once more great results in Palermo, the main Argentina Show. In Polled Hereford Both Bull and Female Grand Champions, Third Best Female, Senior Bull, Intermediate Heifer and Senior Heifer Division Champions, Junior Heifer Calf, Junior Heifer, Intermediate Heifer, Cow, Senior 2 Year Bull and Junior Bull Calf Reserve Division Champions, Third Best Junior Bull Calf, Senior Bull Calf and Junior 2 Year, Best Exhibitor of the Show, and Best Group of Bulls and Best Females....and in Angus Cow Division Champion.

June 2014 | The Sale with a Difference – Spring Edition

At Junín, Province of Buenos Aires, and led by Paz Hnos., we sold our entire good set of Hereford Pedigree and Grade Up bulls and heifers. This is a 26-year old auction and it is marked by the loyalty of buyers who have regularly purchased sires from Las Tranqueras over all these years. 

May 2014 | Fall Hereford Show

A top level show where we achieved outstanding results. Grand Champion Female Calf, Reserved Grand Champion Calf, Reserved Grand Champion Female Calf Pen, 3 Champions and 4 Reserved.

March 2014 | Sales and Shows Calendar 2014


   June 3                  Fall Sale at Junín.

   Agust 22             Traditional Sale of  Gral. Belgrano.

   September 25   Spring Sale at Junín.


   Fall - Hereford in Olavarría.


   Hereford and Angus Nationals.

March 2014 | Selecting the Rows.

We are working on the selection of Angus and Hereford breeders who will lead our auction and present exhibitions of the year. We consider it a first level row and a sign of permanent progress of Las Tranqueras.

January 2014 | Champions of the World.

In the International Competition organized by Hereford our Fatigue, Grand Champion of Palermo 2013, was elected Gold Medal South America and the World Silver Medal. Rancherita, Palermo 2013 Champion horned resulted awarded Bronze Medal in South America. New achievements that make us proud. Link to site here

January 2014 | New Bulls in Insemination Centres

2013 ended with four new bulls born in Las Tranqueras in Insemination Centres. Two Angus, Gerente at Las Lilas and Brutal in Debernardi and two Hereford, Festejo Fuerte in CIALE and Avivado in CIBBIA. Brutal became a star of Angus Colorado Sales.

January 2014 | Denver

In January we were in the Exhibition of Denver, attending to the premier showcase for Hereford and Angus. Very good breeders and an excellent Hereford Sale with strong increases in the average over the previous year. Pictured Grand Champion bull, which in 2013 had been sold in U$S S 600,000.