This Ranch was born over than 30 years ago and has become our deepest passion. Experiencing the birth of a calf, and witnessing the special bond with its mom from the very start, following its growth and seeing its progeny, studying the history of each cow, carefully selecting which bull might be the best match for its offspring.
Few things can be compared to the fulfillment of a job well done. Very few things can be matched with the bonds we have tied with people we shared our hopes and progress with.
We started in a very small farm in General Belgrano, Buenos Aires Province. In a short period of time we were able to develop a small, albeit carefully selected herd thanks to a revolutionary innovation in terms of the Ranch Concept.  We strongly implemented embryo transplant technology, fairly uncommon at the time.

Facing a limited offer of top level cows, we turned to the new idea of signing agreements with high level Argentine ranches that would supply their best dams.
In return, we would offer semen of the most promising calves carefully selected by our team, based on transplant technology that enabled us to develop new high quality embryos.

Later on, we enhanced these agreements with a very important production accord with ACE -the most successful American Ranch at the time-- through a frozen embryo transfer program using their selected donors.
In an unusually brief period of time, results rounded off the project.  On the first year we won a Grand Champion Female in the Fall Show and participated in Palermo Cattle Show obtaining two first prizes and a Bull Calf Reserve Champion.  On the following year, 1986, it became our first Grand Champion in that show and reached the highest price of all breeds. After such a promising start, we welcomed a string of 97 uninterrupted Grand Champions and Reserve Grand Champions in the three main Hereford Shows, and 230 Champions and Reserve Champions.

Along several years we carefully crafted a thorough selection on a herd of Grade up cattle which is today our foremost pride and an example of robust response to an increasingly challenging demand. Cows, mostly daughters of our Grand Champions, produce heavy bulls, that ensure easy management, fleshing ability and are functional and highly appreciated by breeders.  They have enabled us to attain the highest averages in the annual sales of all breeds on a regular basis.

In 1991 we decided to go beyond “Las Tranqueras” and step abroad.  As a result of that move we added some of the best cows in the US to our herd.

Part of them travelled to Argentina to produce locally, others remained in the US to produce embryos and natural calves for Argentina and the US.  This was the first stride of Las Tranqueras into foreign markets.

We started presenting some of our products in the most popular US Shows winning a Reserve Grand Champion and -with Thunder- the Grand Champion of the American National, the most important show in the US.  For the first time in history, an Argentine ranch reached such success abroad.

Meanwhile, our Argentine dams were giving birth to calves that would become international first level bulls, enabling us to use them extensively throughout our herd.

Many of our bulls have had a positive influence over the development of the Hereford Breed in Argentina. Our first Grand Champion of Palermo, in 1986, the unforgettable Hechicero, son of Enforcer, is the bull that built up the maternal family line that accounts for the popular Satanás.  Edward, Bienvenido, Rainbow, Vagabundo, Satán, Saltarín, Thunder are some of our exceptional sires, later joined by Farolito and Festejado.

We are proud to share other moments of satisfaction:  the prize received in 2009 for Best Breeder, granted by the newspaper La Nación & Banco Galicia, and the award obtained by Marta in 2010 for “Stock-breeder Career”, granted by Clarín newspaper.

In 2006 we challenged ourselves further by starting to breed Angus cattle. We purchased a group of Pedigree and Grade up dams and embryos of American and Argentine outstanding cows. The results of our production, sales and shows were extremely rewarding from the very first moment.

Las Tranqueras has been and will continue to be a project with a strong personal commitment, adding new and renewed hope with every new calf born. This work is possible thanks to the help of a hard-working team that supports us in the farm every day and through the advice of professionals from various areas of expertise.

We proudly share the rewarding top results regularly and increasingly achieved by our production of Pedigree and Grade up animals in rodeos that appreciate them and systematically include them in their herds.
We say that ours is “Champions’ Genetics … tested in the farm… that can turn your investment into profits”.